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Our solutions

The goal of our solutions is simplify the method of accounts payable works in your company.


Approval Workflow

Keep your company compliance, setting budgets of approval.


Automatic debit of taxes

Agility for payment of Brazilian taxes, as GNRE, DIFAL, FECP and all others.


Batch of multiple payments

Don't use your barcode scanner anymore. Our bank accept upload direct from your PDF bills.

GNRE Payment

With a single bank account you can pay GNRE for all states of Brazil. Agility in payments and easy integration with any system.
Available for DIFAL, ICMS, ICMS-ST, FECP and all other Brazilian Tax!


Agility and simplification for Accounts Payable.

  • Batch of payment, direct from PDF;
  • Automatic tax payments;
  • Full workflow for compliance of your department;;



When I sent the PDF for our financial department, the time to payment took up to 2 hours to return with bank authentication as paid.
Now with Banco Útil we pay everything in minutes, giving us agility on operation, furthermore the support is excellent.

Gerlane - Billing - Móveis Esplanada


Before use of Banco Útil we had a limit of inputs daily in other banking account. We have made it manually each tax guide.
Now we have all of these resolved at one. It brings a imensurable cost-benefit.

Andréia Silva - Total Express

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  • Automate debit for taxes - GNRE, FECP, DIFAL and agility for payment of your tax guides.
  • PDF Upload - Quickly batch payment through upload of your PDF files.
  • GNRE for all Brazilian States - It isn't necessary open a lot of banking accounts in different banks to pay your GNRE's
  • Approval Workflow - Simplification and compliance for payments